Joe Krug

Webflow Expert

Founder of

Things I've done

Self-taught web developer

Managed a 15-person sales team

Failed trying to trilaterate bluetooth signals to locate objects in a car lot

Moved from frosty New York to toasty Mexico

Mastered Webflow (The best web tool eva)

Automate smiles on the regular

Got rid of my entire wardrobe and only wear t-shirts. No buttons, no suits.

Experienced 9,000,000 Scoville Units of heat (and enjoyed it)

Things I want to do

Custom web-based sales tools/demos (in progress!)

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Customized web sales funnels (move data to/from websites to CRMs)

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Social media channel retargeting based on website activity

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Automate something in your business that really sucks

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Automate the worst parts about the web design process (in progress!)

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Grow Finsweet into the best value web development company in the world

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Use more emojis and slang in emails

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